Register with DATCP

You do not need to register with the site to begin a new application.

If you are nearing a license expiration, you will receive your registration information along with your expiration notice.

Once you have received your registration information follow the steps below to register with DATCP's new online services portal:
  • Enter an e-mail address to be used as your Username.
  • Enter a password for your account (See note below).
  • Enter your personal identification number (PIN).

Your PIN must be entered exactly as it appears on the registration information that you received. If you have not received or have lost your registration information, or your PIN has expired, please contact us.

By registering with DATCP, you will to be able to view and maintain your information.

Note: Passwords are required to be a minimum of 6 characters in length. The password must include at least one alpha and one numeric character, and include both capital and lowercase.
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Authority: Chs. 88-100,126 and 136, Wis. Stats.
DMS-BIT-31w (Rev May 2013)
Personal information you provide may be used for purposes other than that for which it was originally collected (s. 15.04(1)(m), Wis. Stats.)
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