Service Technician Exams
Individuals who are employed by a weights and measures service company and who provide testing, calibration, service or sealing to a weighing and measuring device, verify that the device is correct, or who remove an official rejection tag or mark applied under Wis. Admin. Code ATCP 92.09 (2), are required under Wis. Admin. Code ATCP 92.21 to have technician certification issued by DATCP. Certification must be renewed every five years and includes:
  • Agrichemical / Mass Flow Meter
  • Belt Conveyor Scale
  • Compressed Natural Gas / Liquid Natural Gas
  • Farm Milk Tank
  • Livestock Scale
  • LPG Meters
  • Medium Capacity Scale
  • Petroleum Loading Rack Meter
  • Railroad Track Scale
  • Retail Computing Scale
  • Retail Motor Fuel / Liquid Measuring Device
  • Timing Device
  • Vehicle Scale
  • Vehicle Tank Meter

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