Animal Trucker License
Wisconsin Statutes and DATCP rules require that any person that transports livestock or wild animals for hire must have an annual animal trucker license from the department. An animal market operator or animal dealer must also hold an Animal Trucker License if the operator/dealer transports livestock or wild animals for hire. Some exceptions apply.

This license may be obtained by submitting a completed application and appropriate fees to DATCP.

An annual Animal Trucker License expires on June 30 and is not transferable. The non-refundable annual fee is $60.

An applicant must also submit an annual registration application for each animal transport vehicle that the person operates. The non-refundable annual fee is $20 for each vehicle registration. Two registration stickers will be provided, one for each side of the transport vehicle.

Note: Vehicles only need to be registered once annually. If you have already registered the vehicles on another license, you do not need to register them again.

Please click "Start New Application" below to apply online.

If you would like to print instructions and a blank application to fill out and mail please click here.

If you are requesting an Animal Trucker license for the first time, we will meet with you to discuss program requirements shortly after you receive your license.

If you have any questions, contact the Division of Animal Health at (608) 590-8519.

Authority: s. 95.71, Wis. Stats., ss. ATCP 12.04 and 12.045, Wis. Adm. Code
AH-AT-200w (rev 4/16)
Personal information you provide may be used for purposes other than that for which it was originally collected (s. 15.04(1)(m), Wis. Stats.)

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