Dog Seller and Dog Facility Operator License

Wisconsin Statutes and DATCP rules regulating dog breeding, sales, and adoption-for-fee requires inspection and licensing of many dog breeders, dealers, and sellers, as well as shelters and rescues that foster and adopt out dogs.

Who needs a license
These are the individuals and organizations that need to be licensed:
  • Dog breeders selling at least 25 dogs a year, from more than 3 litters that they have bred
  • Dog breeding facilities from which at least 25 dogs a year are sold, from more than 3 litters
  • In-state dog dealers selling and offering to sell at least 25 dogs a year that they did not breed and raise
  • Out-of-state dog dealers who import at least 25 dogs a year into Wisconsin, regardless of whether they bred and raised them
  • Non-profit animal shelters and rescue groups sheltering/fostering at least 25 dogs a year
  • Animal control facilities that contract with a city, village, town or county

NOTE: If you have not sold, sheltered, or expect to sell 25 or more dogs you do not need to be licensed.

This license may be obtained by submitting a completed application and appropriate fees to DATCP. Click on the appropriate link below:
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