Public Warehouse Keeper License
This is the online application for the Public Warehouse Keeper License. To apply, click the "Start New Application" button below. PLEASE NOTE: You MUST register for a MyDATCP online account at the end of the process to ensure that you can edit or view your information later.

Licensed public warehouse keepers are required to file a surety bond, letter or credit, warehouse keeper liability insurance policy, or other security [Wis. Stat. s. 99.03]. Please refer to the website for specific forms and minimum required amounts. You will have an opportunity to upload a copy of a completed and signed security document during this online application process.

The license fee is calculated based on total square footage of licensed space [Wis. Adm. Code s. ATCP 97.04(4)(a)]. In addition to the annual license fee, there is a 20% late fee for late renewal applications [Wis. Adm. Code s. ATCP 97.04(4)(b)], and a $100 surcharge for operating without a license [Wis. Stat. s. 99.02(3)(e)].

For any questions or concerns please contact Bureau of Business Trade Practices at 608-224-4998 or

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