Vegetable Contractor License
This is the online application for the Vegetable Contractor License. To apply online, click the "Start New Application" button below. PLEASE NOTE: You MUST register for a MyDATCP online account at the end of the process to ensure that you can edit or view your information later.

A vegetable contractor purchasing processing vegetables grown in Wisconsin is required to obtain a vegetable contractor license under Chapter 126 and Chapter ATCP 101, Wis. Adm. Code.

Processing vegetables are defined in §126.55(11), Wis. Stats., as vegetables grown or sold for use in food processing, regardless of whether those vegetables are actually harvested or processed as food. “Processing vegetables” includes sweet corn grown or sold for use in food processing, but does not include grain.

The following vegetable contractors are exempt from licensing under §126.56(1), Wis. Stats.,

  • A vegetable contractor who procures vegetables primarily for unprocessed, fresh market use and is licensed under the federal Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act, 7 USC 499a to 499t.
  • A restaurant or retail food establishment that procures processing vegetables solely for retail sale at the restaurant or retail food establishment.
  • If you purchase less than $15,000 of vegetables from Wisconsin producers for processing.

When renewing your license you must submit your application and make full payment for all applicable fees by the expiration on 1/31. Once you submit your completed application online, an invoice will be generated for the amount of your license fees for which you can also make payment online. Certain late fees and surcharges will be due if EITHER your application or fees are not received by expiration of your license on 1/31. To avoid any late fees and surcharges we recommend registering through MyDATCP and submitting your application and payment online by 1/31.

If you have questions, please contact Scott Manthey at 608-224-4966.

If electing not to participate in the fund, UPLOAD Opt Out Certificate form with this application when requested, as required by s. 126.595(1), Wis. Stats. If DATCP is not notified of your election to opt-out prior to expiration of the license, then you may be required to participate and file security (Requirement).

This section applies if there is common ownership in the producer, or producer agent, and in the vegetable contractor of greater than 50%. A waiver requires documentation of ownership interest under § 126.70 (1) (c), Wis. Stats., and must be on file with the department or filed with the application to lower contract obligations pursuant to the waiver. Total contract obligations (reduced for producer and producer agent waived contract obligations) determine the assessment amount paid into the agricultural producer security fund. The reduced contractor obligation amount will be used to determine assessment amounts. Assessment fees due prior to filing a default claim waiver with the department will not be adjusted. The reduced contract obligation amount is also used to determine the type of financial statement filed with the department. License fees, however, will not be reduced as a result of any related party obligations. If you meet the greater than 50% ownership in a producer or producer agent and the license holder, you may fill out this form.

If there has been any change in ownership percentages from the waiver filed with WDATCP, provide a listing of ownership percentages in producer/producer agent and license holder. UPLOAD the following during the application process; 1) a listing of ownership percentages, and/or 2) a copy of the previously filed Waiver or a new Waiver.

For additional information, including links to a downloadable application and instructions, click here.

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