Bulk Milk Tanker Grade A Permit
Are you looking to obtain or re-apply for a Bulk Milk Tanker Permit? You are in the right place!

If you do not currently hold a Bulk Milk Tanker Permit for the tanker that you intend to use, please start the process by clicking “Start New Application”. This will walk you through the new permit process step-by-step.

If you currently hold a Bulk Milk Tanker Permit for this tanker and need to renew the permit, you should click “Re-apply for Existing Permit”.

There is no Bulk Milk Tanker Permit fee. A bulk milk tanker inspection that was conducted within the last 24 months is required to obtain a permit. The inspection may be from any regulatory agency performing inspections under the NCIMS Grade A program. You will be able to upload the inspection during this application process.

You will incur a $100 surcharge if you operate a bulk milk tanker without a permit or the permit has expired.

Permits expire 24 months from the tanker inspection month.

If you encounter problems with this process, or your legal entity is a General Partnership, please call (715) 839-3844.

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