Nursery Grower License
If you are planning on growing and selling at least $250 in nursery stock, you will need to obtain a Nursery Grower License. Nursery stock is any plant that can overwinter outdoors in Wisconsin (trees, shrubs, woody and herbaceous perennials, perennial herbs, bulbs, etc.). If you buy and resell more than $250 of nursery stock each season, you also need a Nursery Dealer License.

New Applicants: To apply for a Nursery Grower License, please start the process by clicking "Start New Application".

To Renew a License: If you currently hold a nursery license and are looking to renew, the online license renewal option is available December through March each year. Nursery licenses expire on February 20th of each year. To renew, click "Re-Apply for Existing License". If you are closing your license or changing the legal applicant, contact us.

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Learn how to re-apply for your existing license online in this video.

If you have detailed questions about the program, application or fees, please see our webpage. If you wish to submit a paper application, one can be found on our webpage. Should you need additional assistance, email us at or call (608) 224-4574.

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