Fish Farm Registration

Fish Farm Registration
WI Statutes and DATCP Rules require that any person engaging in the following activities must have an annual fish farm registration.
  • To hatch fish eggs or hold live fish for:
    • Sale or distribution
    • Stocking into state waters
    • Fishing
    • Bait or fertilizer
    • Use as food for humans or animals
    • Education, demonstration or research
  • To hold live fish or fish eggs or fish eggs owned by someone else


  • Type 1 fish farm registration may be acquired for recreational ponds used for fishing or raising fish (as long as no fish leave alive). However, if you do not register your pond and plan to stock fish, you need a stocking permit from the DNR.
  • Type 2 farm registration is needed for selling and distributing fish or fish eggs live from your facility.
  • Type 3 registration is needed when receiving any fish or fish eggs obtained from a wild source of a species that is susceptible to viral hemorrhagic septicemia and you plan to sell/distribute them.

Click the links below for more information on Type 1, 2 or 3 fish farm registration.
Note: If you do not possess fish, and have no intention of introducing fish into your pond, don't complete this application.

Natural Body of Water Status (Required):
Applicants for new fish farm registrations must attach proof of status letter from DNR indicating compliance with s. 29.733, Wis. Stats. Call DNR at (608) 264-9257 for more information.

Livestock Premises Registration Code:
A Livestock Premises Registration is required if the pond currently has fish or you will add fish during the license year. For Premises Registration information, visit the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) website: click here or call 888-808-1910.

Change in legal entity:
If you are making a change in your status as a legal entity, your previous registration can't transfer. You need to re-apply for a new registration.

Registering the fish farm:
A fish farm can include more than 1 pond or facility, but all must be located on 1 parcel of land or contiguous parcels. In this case, only 1 fish farm registration is necessary. If you wish to include facilities/ponds on non-contiguous land, you must register those other facilities on a separate registration.

For more information regarding fish farm registration, click here.

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